1/43rd classic aussie truck model complete resin kits now available

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1/43rd classic aussie truck model complete resin kits now available

Post by mousey on Tue 18 May 2010, 6:14 pm

Greetings fellow modellers.

I've produced a range of resin kits in the universal scale of 1/43 to go perfectly with cars produced by trax, biante etc.

These have never before been produced in this scale and in many cases have never been produced in any scale.

They included AT4 Dodge, AB International, AACO civilian series 1 & 2, ACCO C1800 8x4, Army ACCO 4x4 and Commer Knockers with pics below.

They have been produced in very small numbers, some as low as 2 units only, and include all parts/decals required to build them as well as detailed instruction sheets, original paint codes etc...not just a cab where u have to go sourcing all the rest of the bits yourself. They have minimal components and simplified undercarriage and interior to make them easier to put together for the novice model builder but can be detailed to any level as required.

All except the Commers were unique to Australia and a piece of aussie motoring history, easily recognisable because they were once very popular on our roads and highways of yesteryear.

As anyone knows who has tried to either scratchbuild a model or try and make a complete kit starting with just the cab, one of the most important things to get right is the wheels, so a lot of time was taken to make sure they are correct, because wheels can really make or break a model. No need to look for 'the right' wheels as they are included in the kit, and impossible to find on their own anyway... i already tried that before making these ones myself.

Because of the very low number they are a true rare collectable and come in a labelled box.

Production numbers are as follows:

Dodge AT4-575 table top - 7 kits (sold out)
International AB160 table top - 6 kits
Dodge AT4-775 flatbed semi - 2 kits (sold out)
Dodge AT4-775 semi tipper - 4 kits (sold out)
International AB184 flatbed semi single axle trailer - 7 kits
International AB184 flatbed semi 2 axle trailer - 2 kits (sold out)
International AACO series 1 4x2 tipper - 8 kits
International AACODF-184 series 2 6x4 tipper - 8 kits
International AACO184 series 2 flatbed semi single axle trailer - 2 kits (1 left)
International AACO184 series 2 semi tipper - 4 kits
International ACCO C1800 8 wheeler tipper - 12 kits
International Mk3 ('army acco) - 18 kits
Commer VC Knocker 4x2 tipper - 7 kits
Commer VC Knocker flatbed semi (single axle trailer) - 7 kits

Once sold out they are not re-issued and some are down to the last 1 or 2 left. I have small numbers still available for most of the others.

Prices range from about $100 up to about $150 for a semi tipper trailer
combination. Considering that some 1/76th resin bus kits were priced at
$90 this is very good value and the numbers are extremely low.

The website with more pics,details and prices is at
and the main website that
includes past and present model kits such as the soon to be released P76
protype station wagon is at
I was also the first to produce resin kits of the Leyland Force 7v,
aussie period box trailers and caravans, detailed sydney double deckers
and FE & FC Holden Panel Vans. These are also featured on the site.

If anyone is interested in getting a kit feel free to email me direct at or via the website.

Happy Modelling!



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