An odd build

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An odd build

Post by rwaldram on Mon 02 Mar 2015, 8:07 pm

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I've had modellers block for some time now (since I moved house at the end of last year to be exact). It probably doesn't help that I'm now posted as a Recruit Instructor at the Army's 1st Recruit Training Battalion and when we're "in platoons", it's not unusual to work upto 31 days straight with those days averaging 16 hours, but up to 20 hours at work...

In an effort to get back into building, I've found a little project on eBay that is well and truly off course compared to where I normally work...

I've bought the Jimmy Flintstone shop truck and cosmic trailer, both are the typical Jimmy Flintstone custom styles...

The planned end result will be:
The truck:
Modified engine (the donor has a V12), this will most likely be supercharged or similar,
Either dual rear wheels (as per normal truck) or fat singles (possibly white walls with moon disc hub caps or old style 5 spoke wheels)
Side pipes on both sides, these will either be single or double, polished aluminium (scale 8" size)
Leather look interior

The trailer:
Matching wheels & tyres to whats on the truck
Matching paint job

The cargo:
'34 Ford pickup with 'wrecker' body (tow truck), modified / supercharged V8 engine,
Custom exhaust
Possible low rider style body
Flat black paint work

The plan for the paint on the truck and trailer is to have Candy Apple red with ghost flames in it (this will be outsourced as I do not have the skills to achieve this result)

I'm looking for some advice on what sort of wheels, tyres etc to run on it, if theres anywhere that does 'braided lines' etc for engine bays (and pre-wired distributors etc) as well as any other advice that some of you who're more experienced with hot rods etc might be able to shed.

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Re: An odd build

Post by dv8v8 on Mon 02 Mar 2015, 10:00 pm

heres a place that does very nice prewired distibutors but they do cost a bit

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