Tamiya TS Spray Paints

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Tamiya TS Spray Paints

Post by Jiminee on Mon 04 Jan 2016, 1:00 am

On a bit of building binge while off work over the holidays but I was having trouble with getting bubbles in my paints which was knocking some of the fun out of things.
I almost exclusively use Tamiya spray cans for their ease and convenience and this is not something I normally have a problem with. So I jumped online and did some research and came across the following:

The author is a bit preachy but I tried his advice and really quickened up my strokes and so far today I have noticed a huge improvement with my results. Not only am I not getting bubbles but I also seem to be getting far better coverage - which is something I have struggled with for ages. Since it made a nice little improvement for me I thought it might help some others. Probably nothing new or that we have not seen elsewhere but this one sunk in for me.

Hope it helps.

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