Building and painting figures

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Building and painting figures

Post by davoski on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 9:07 am

Hi guys,

Newbie here - first post. Probably not last. I am revisting this hobby after many years and am astounded by what is available on the young peoples Interweb thingy these days - all the stuff I wish I had 40 years ago!!!.

Anyway, I have ambitious plans for some dioramas, all of which require modified 1/24 or 1/35 scale figures. I will share these ideas and my approach in future posts.

As a start, I have purchased Tamiya Rally Mechanics Sets, Fujimi Driver and Mechanics sets, Tamiya Rally Driver and co-driver in 1/24, and hopefully have Tamiya Campus Friends in transit. Also numerous Tamiya, Masterbox, MiniArt and Verlinden 1/35 extraneous figures (i.e not necessarily soldiers with guns, moreso drivers and mechanics/maintenance guys).

To adjust poses I am guessing I should use a razor saw to cut joints then fill with putty and reshape with a dremel. Also planning to mix and match components as I have purchased multiples of the 1/24 kits.

To paint I propose a limited dark grey wash over the colour, then a matt clear coat and then selectively add gloss or satin clear where required. I am thinking I will standardise on Tamiya acrylics for the kits and cheap artists acrylics and pastels from the $2 shop for the scenery. I have done a TAFE airbrush course but I guess brush is better for figures.

My questions are:

- what Tamiya colour do you guys suggest for skin tone?
- Also black, brown, red, blonde and grey hair?
- 1/25 figures seem to be limited in choice and availability. Any ideas other than the above mentioned?
- any suggestions for converting short sleeves/trousers to long and vice versa? Or is it just going to be tedious?
- does anyone have pics of this process?

All suggestions gratefully received.




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Re: Building and painting figures

Post by slowlylearning on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 6:42 pm

Tamiya colours work okay from tiny stuff, but you gotta thin em and do multiple coats or they'll gum up on the brush and figure. Mixing skin tone could be tricky. Maybe experiment somewhat. Try a tiny little bit of green in the mixes too. Look up on Youtube "Mini figure painting", there's some insane stuff out there. Good luck with your new endeavor!


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Re: Building and painting figures

Post by Antwon on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 8:28 pm

Firstly, Welcome aboard the forum Davoski.
As Slowlylearning suggested, skin tones are difficult to replicate and from what I've read, a lot of figure painters actually use artists oils and Humbrol enamels to brush paint figures.
Best bet (as Slowly said ) is to get onto You Tube and look at the hundreds of videos on the subject.
I Love this place
I Love this place

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Re: Building and painting figures

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