Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Sat 25 Mar 2017, 11:50 pm

This mint '66 Dodge Polara has to be the bargain of the lot at only $20K

It's a white on white on white convertible and appears in perfect condition.

I took it for a run, started instantly and the big 440 power plant ran smoothly and pulled like a train, didn't seem to have any oil leaks and everything works.

When I questioned the price I was told it''s not a popular model with collectors.

Need something to haul your goodies?

Or maybe you have some ghosts to chase?

This old Chevy has enough room inside to set up house.

SAAB is another uncommon car, going cheaply.

There's a good range of early sixties caddies all seemingly at reasonable prices.

This Caddy wagon was pretty cheap for a one off that appeared to have been very well constructed by one of the Ambulance and funeral car coach builders.

OK I'll admit it needs a little help in the upholstery dept.

But you gotta agree it's cooler than a Caddy hearse or Ambliance. :mrgreen:

Here's another bargain priced Studebaker Hawk.

With economical bolt on fins.

Jag Mark X was in great shape but looked a bit out of place.

Antique International Truck is unrestored and was still in daily use before it arrived here.

Compact Fairlane was another I thought a bit pricey at $30k.

Seemed in OK condition but not as nice as many cars here.

Ford AA gasoline tanker was ready to haul the juice.

Old fire tender could make a fine pick-up truck, runs and drives fine.

However, if I was gonna bring a fire appliance home, this be the one!

Crusty Karman Ghia was only $14k and could be made into something more desirable with a little elbow grease.

It's pretty solid and straight.

We couldn't find any identifying badges etc on this one and it doest appear on the price list so we just called it a HMPOS

That would be Home Made Piece Of Shyte! It's not just ugly but has some scary design and questionable build quality.

Chrysler Imperial Limo has seen better days but its condition speaks volumes about the build quality as all the door closed with a click and most everything in it worked perfectly.

Yeah it's big and I figure weighs at least three ton…

…. but it has a 392 Hemi, some great details and would make a fun party cruiser.

There's room in here for everybody

If money were no object, I'd bring this monster home in a heartbeat, who needs a Caddy when you can have something so different and no less cool?

However, if you need something totally indestructible for the school run, then I think the black car in this shot may be the answer.

The Checker Limo is built like a tank or is it the tank that's built like a Checker?

Rambler Marlin next to the Checker would help get the discussion going and its gotta be cheap because it's of the few cars in the yard not shown on the price list..

International Travelall would make a handy Family Truckster.

And it's only $16k, you wouldn't even haggle at that price, or would you.

'40 Cad La Salle coupe is a radical custom, chopped and sectioned, with a price that reflects that of the standard car ($55K).

Of course they have a Nash Metro here, coz they are everywhere man!

'48 Lincoln sedan is only '$30k

Looks solid and straight.

And if you fancy more than one body style there's a two door available also.

'41 Plymouth two door has been tinkered with but appears to have survived OK, price range is $10k

Chevy Corvair convertible is a Turbo model and also looks pretty good but the engine seems a little noisy so may need some attention there.

Starting price is $18k but I reckon there's a lot of room to move.

This one arrived while we were there, looks good and sounds awesome thanks to factory 427 big block.

Alfa was sold and headed back to Italy for restoration.

Dodge Dart Swinger is a hi performance model with optional 383 Big Block, 4 speed power train.

Pretty cheap entry level MOPAR Muscle car at $25k.

'55/6 Buicks have been one of the most popular recent imports, mainly because they are way cheaper for some reason that Tri Five Chevies and Cadliacs. The special is built on the same chassis as the Chevy. The Roadmaster share the longer wheelbase with Cadilac. The four portholes denote this '56 model as the more luxurious road master.

The nailhead in this car runs sweet and everything is in fine shape, at $25K against $75K for a same year Chevy Bel Air Hardtop it should be no surprise there's more Buicks coming to Oz than Chevies.

There's one more shop I visited in St Louis, a couple of young guys who have a wealthy Dad. Who it just happens uses Ed's business regularly and they are buddies. That relationship worked out well for us as you will soon see.

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Sat 25 Mar 2017, 11:52 pm

So here we are having lunch in the office of one of Ed's customers, surrounded by the latest offerings from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lamborghini, when discussion turns to what we've been up to during my brief visit.

"I know somewhere you should go" says Ed' pal.. Then he proceeds to tell us how he has set his sons up to deal in upmarket and collectable cars, including some of his own trade ins. He tells us where the place is and Ed says something to the effect of there's nothing in that neighbourhood except high security warehouse buildings. Ray smiles and we both understand.

When he mentioned the name of the business I commented that I've seen their advertisements but there's nothing that says they are in St Louis, just contact via their website. "You'll understand why they do that when you get there", Ray tells us.

So we finish lunch and head off in the general direction to somewhere that even Ed and Barry say they'd never venture or even be able to find without a map. Arriving at a non-discript windowless warehouse building we ring the bell and wait for the door to be opened at which point we are welcomed into the small closed Foyer. After introducing ourselves our host tells us Ray had called ahead to let them know we were coming and were invited into a smallish showroom filled with maybe a dozen very valuable and somewhat exotic cars. We're left there to ogle with the comment when we're ready just wander through the workshop and remainder of the building.

So before I take you for a stroll that certainly blew me away, even after all the valuable stuff we'd seen in other places, let me show you the front showroom.

We had to walk around this old Maserati to get into the showroom space.

Then there's a few of these late '60s Prancing Horses in various colours.

They are not so rare that they've reached mega bucks prices but you won't get much change from a million if you want one. Just pick your colour and configuration.

If you want to spend a lot more than a million, then there's this somewhat rare SuperAmerica GT Coupe from the early sixties.

It's kinda nice.

Looks comfy and inviting too.

And it's not alone in the high price stakes as we will find out shortly

From the same stable but at a slightly lower price this rare little alfa spider will deliver a bunch of enjoyment.

It is beautifully restored…….

….. inside and……


If you don't like Italian cars then there's also the nicest early E Type that I've ever seen.

Its a very early aluminium bodied series one, without the external hood release levers that are fitted to most production E-Types. Yup another big ticket pussy cat but this one has the bonafides to back it up.

Not your cup of tea? How about a race ready, alloy bodied XK i20 roadster with le Mans C-Spec drivetrain and driven in one or three races by some guy named Stirling Moss? Providence means big money.

I've read about these cars but never actually seen one of the 25 built before the car went into volume production with a steel body.

it's pretty gorgeous too even if it is just a sports car.

Got a sweet interior also.

Parked in the doorway to the workshop is a rather commonplace Saleen Mustang.

The first thing that greets me when I step past the 'stang almost takes my breath away. This, is my all time favourite Muscle car the Plymouth Road Runner. And this one is a topless '69 model with a 4bbl 440 big block and auto, but it does have factory air which is a bit of a rarity.

And it is in pristine condition.

And keep my heart racing, on the hoist at the opposite end of the shop is it's hardtop coupe twin! And there's a couple of mill worth of ferrari Berlinetta Boxer on the floor below.


This hoist car definitely isn't ever going to disappointment anybody since it's a Hemi eating 440 six pack and four speed car, complete with traction lock diff and 4.11 rear gears, factory front disc brake and the track pack suspension set up.

To my left is a taste of things to come, a sweet looking mildly customised '36 Ford hot Rod. Parked behind a 429 powered Galaxy Hardtop.

To the right on the lower level there's the Berlinetta Boxer and also a more valuable 308 GTO plus some other exotic stuff and something I never imagined I'd ever see………

A black Delorean! And it looks much better with paint than they do in brushed stainless.

To get into the main 'showroom' from here requires squeezing past this restored petrol tanker.

And it's here a state of nirvana strikes! What we've seen so far is impressive but it didn't prepare us for this.

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 11:30 am

Turning to my left I almost tripped over this!

It could be the long lost cousin of Swity's T, it was actually built a couple of years earlier and may even have been the influence for Pete and Eddie when they started on Pete's T.

It'll all cool old stuff and it shows.

Looking around the huge showroom it took a few moments to realise what we had stumbled into.

There's more of these things but this one is an even more valuable roadster.

But what's this? an early sixties 250 SuperAmerica Short Wheelbase roadster!  These things when they change hands go for multiple millions of dollars.

Incredibly the tail lamps look like MGB but when we compared them, they are actually bigger.

Oh look, there's also a late model Ford GT 40 over there.

Then the unthinkable happened.  One of the guys came over to speak to us.  They had to go out for an hour or so.  Here's the amazing bit, they didn't even ask if we'd like to hang around, it was more like an instruction. If we had to leave before they returned, could we go out by the side door and make sure it locks behind us.  Yup we were left alone in the diamond mine!

As I regained my composure I spotted something that really got me excited, WOOD!

Not just any wood but 'way outta my league wood, a Chrysler Royal Station Wagon one very rare MOPAR!

And like almost everything else here it is gorgeous!  Lets just take a walk around it.

Since the guys had left us alone in their building i resisted the temptation to open doors and hoods etc. and stuck with the don't touch policy.

This thing is damn near flawless.

There's an early Hemi under the hood as if that really matters.

Maybe I'll have lotsa cash leftover after my house is built and it will still be here.  However, the way that's eating up money I think I may be riding a bicycle next year.

Even Doc Hudson's momma is here……..

…..and she is beautiful too.

Got a hankering' for a rare and powerful Mustang?

Take yer pick.

How about the hardest to find of all Corvette models, a '63 Feulie with the large fuel tank, four speed and positraction.

…..there ya go!

The guys also seem to like hot rods and there's more than one or three very nice old things here.

How about a highboy Deuce Tub?

Or a fresh roadster?

There's even a solitary rat rod that actually appears to be pretty well constructed…..

……even if the glass is somewhat bizarre.

If that '36 coupe isn't your style, how about and old timey hot rodded Cabriolet?

Powered by a genuine Olds rocket V8

With nice old threads.

Its the sort of car that would be right at home almost anywhere in the world.

We figured since it has a display with it that this one may be a long termer here.

It appears to be an older build with a few miles under it's tyres..

The third '36 Ford is an old friend, well we probably never met but it has a familiarity that only comes from being Aussie.

Seems to be in pretty good shape.

This model 40 Coupe looks like a typical Ford V8 Club car, not quite stock with enough updates to make it a great long distance cruiser.

It certainly has all the right accessories.

And a comfy lookin' interior.

Hmm this could take a whilee, coz there's quite a few more things you need to see here, like this neat little hemified pickemup.

Rare and valuable is the Pontiac GTO Judge, Vedoro Green I know was the least popular colour and therefore now one of the most valuable, so if this is a factory original car it won't be cheap.

Later model Chrysler Imperial is both big…..

…. and superbly luxurious.

As too is the '49 Cadliac.

More Valuable muscle cars, 454 and four speed with cold air induction Chevelle SS is a rare one and Hemi Chargers are always sought after.

Gorgeous Austin Healy BN1 is highly desirable English sporty.

A Camaro lovers wet dream, no Yenko or other dealer badges just the GM RPO option sheet showing heater and radio delete, 450 HP big block, muncie four speed and positraction rear with nothing else to fatten it up or slow it down.

These things are awesome cars and bring silly money as a result, especially when they have the original papers and build sheet like this one.

Innocent looking Chevelle has no numerical indicator on any of it's badging, what it does have is a big block and four speed with 12 bolt posi bringing up the rear.  Sleeper!

Need a hot rod club bus?  These guys have got that covered too! Built to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the '32 Ford I remember seeing and hearing this baby cruising the grounds at the NSRA Nationals a few years back.

I know it's a driver because I also recall passing it on the highway and watching the guys unload all their camping and travel gear from the large rear compartment when it was parked next to the St Louis SRA tent one year.

Its quite inviting and comfortable looking inside, with comfy seating for six plus the driver.

Ed suggested I should check out the customised F series and I said,  "I know that truck….

……. it has a transparent firewall".

Ed and Barry were both impressed by my knowledge of things from history when they looked inside to see that indeed it does.

it's one cool old kustom truck and was placed high on the list of what I would take home from here, money being no object.

It aint the R&C Dream Truck but it was a cover car so it would suffice.

Forty standard coupe is gorgeous and also on that list.

This one also goes on that list.

Just needs the backlight dealt with on the convertible top.

A couple of Chubbies from the house of Coddington.

What seems might be a fun little sedan.

At first glance I mistook this to be a Skylark because of the red undercarriage detail.

However, further inspection revealed it to be a regular Buick Special Convertible, which doesn't mean it aint a desirable car, just more affordable.

More factory Hemi Mopars.

'37 Coupe has some guy named Reggie Jackson on the pink slip.

It's a nice mildly modified old thing.

With these neat air-scoop bizzoes on the hood sides.

Yet another class act again from the Reggie Jackson Collection.

This one also goes on my take home list.

As does this sweetheart of a '49 Mercury Kustom.

It doesn't look worn enough to be an old car resurrected.

So I figure it's a freshly created number.

The unusual exhaust tail pipe routing suggests it may be on steel springs not bags..

Interior looks pretty fresh too.

Almost forgot this one.

And this one, new era Cobra from the Shelby works with side oiler 427.

'54 Chevy has late V8 drivetrain.

Personally I'd deep six the continental kit.

And that brings us to the end of a quick two week tour that took in some monday to friday paid work and as much fun as I could fit into the three weekends.

The guys never came back and we were there for a long time, so much so that we were late home for dinner.  It wasn't really our fault because we got stuck in traffic when a SUV and new Camaro decided to get up close and friendly before dancing off the road together.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 11:56 am


As I'm sure you've figured out since I've been here, my life isn't just all about cars, there's aeroplanes, trains and a whole bunch more things that interest me.  This trip was a quickie, so other than the planes I travelled in there was no time for seeking out things with wings or train spotting.  However, I did manage one or two diversions not least being my last day in town, taking off for a Sunday cruise around L.A. with the Antique Bicycle Association of Southern California.

Being mid winter the numbers were down a bit on normal, but plenty of old bikes came out to enjoy the day.  As they do from time to time, the day was themed, Ladies Cycles this time around and some awesome examples were on hand.

My machine for the day was mostly original but ever so slightly hot rodded (with a three speed rear hub) 1932 Schwinn Cruiser.

Another modification is the LED bulb in the vintage headlamp.

The meeting place was a small cafe at Huntington Beach, where we all enjoyed a healthy breakfast and amazingly, the only drinkable coffee in all of the US of A thanks to Dave the Aussie Barrista and a proper espresso machine.

Many of the bikes are very rare and expertly restored or in original but roadworthy condition.

Many have some really cool styling features from art deco…..

… '50s era Hot Rod.

Thanks to the day's theme, girls bikes abounded.

But there were more than just a few boys bikes on hand

Here's a few of the neat details incorporated into most of these old bikes.

That's one heckuva bell on the handlebars.

Locking forks.

Old bikes have comfy seats.

Fifties fins.

An interesting item is the license plates which were required on L.A. area bikes up until the mid 1960s.

Highly valued are original name/model plates.

This is one of the oldest on the run and it predates Henry's model T by a year.

It has a very loud klaxon brand 'bell' and vintage tool kit canister.

This is another very old one.

Breakfast over it was time to hit the road.

There's some interesting stuff to be seen parked around this area.

Hippie Bill was just showing off, once we started rolling he never put a foot on the ground until we stopped at the halfway mark for refreshments.

Kinda strange how despite the normal cut and thrust of L.A. traffic, the car drivers all seemed to just chill out and give us an easy ride.

Did I mention there's some interesting stuff to be seen along the way?

Fortunately nobody was pushing too hard so there was no need for this.

After an hour cruising through the 'burbs we were on the main drag headed towards Long Beach.

From there it was a quick run along the riverbank to the seafront bike/walking/Skating or whatever mode of transport you prefer, path.

Even in winter beach volleyball is alive and bouncing, although I prefer the summer version.

About an hour into the ride it was time to stop and enjoy a refreshment……….

….. chew the fat with a fellow bike nuts ……….

…..or just enjoy the scenery.

At the refreshment stop we were greeted by the local 'Low rider group.

This is probably the closest to a hot rod bike you'll get, pre '48 with big n little wheels and other modifications.

Soon enough it was time to continue on to our lunch destination.

We arrived at Long Beach just in time for a late lunch of St Louis BBQ Ribs, they were very nice especially if you chose your sauce wisely.

After a quick look around, it was time to head back to the caffe relax fir half an hour or so with a good coffee then get the bikes home and for me, it was off to the airport.


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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Bernard Kron on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 12:14 pm

Thanx for the riveting two week tour! Even the epilogue rang a bell. When I was a young lad I ran a bike shop in West L.A. just over the border from Santa Monica on Wilshire. I raced bicycles in the earliest days of road racing in the U.S.A. when everyone who competed was either rich, European, or lived near an ex-6-day rider or mechanic. It's exploded to such a huge sport since then! Who woulda thunk it. But even then we loved our old iron and understood the beauty of a classic balloon-tire Columbia or Schwinn. The crossover among all the wheeled sports was constant and continuous. I announced the bicycle race at the Long Beach Formula 1 races on Sunday morning that they ran in order to avoid dropping oil on the track. They offered to pay me but I said just give me an all-access pass which I had for as long as they ran F1 there.

Thanks for jogging the memory banks...
Bernard Kron
I should be working on Models
I should be working on Models

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 1:18 pm

My pleasure Bern. Very Happy

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by mgy125 on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 3:01 pm

I really have enjoyed the photos and your commentary. The cars are amazing. The bikes also. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip and experiences and photos. So are you actually building a house...or a garage with a living area attached????

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by allan on Sun 26 Mar 2017, 9:05 pm

WOW some more great ones,love the classic cars and every thing too Big thanks again for sharing them. A+ drooly Thanks Thanks Thanks

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by Carps on Fri 31 Mar 2017, 1:30 am

mgy125 wrote:…...  So are you actually building a house...or a garage with a living area attached????
Yup, I'm building a proper house, it will include a new garage but the house will be a house filled with house stuff and all the car stuff will be in the garage.

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

Post by silverfox on Fri 31 Mar 2017, 9:30 pm

Thanks again for the great pics , love looking at them .
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Legend Poster

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Re: Grand National Roadster Show, January 2017.

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