56 to 55 Ford conversion

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56 to 55 Ford conversion

Post by frank on Wed 29 Mar 2017, 4:36 pm

I am attempting to convert an AMT 56 ford to a 55, I have a "55 grill" from the Revell Jukebox Ford that I had cast in resin and am
modifying it to represent a stock grill. I also have RHD dash that is being modified to suit.

Chrome grill as supplied for the jukebox Ford

I am starting to modify the casting to a stock grill, next to is to remove the bumper, is too high.

Then some more modifying to do on the dash, which was a 56.

If this turns out ok, I have a 56 ute I will have a go at turning into a 58 Star model.
The castings were done by a member on this forum.

More pics as I get more done.


I should be working on Models
I should be working on Models

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